Registered NDIS Service Provider.

Support Foundation is a registered NDIS service provider (4050064716), and we are committed to provide quality support to our clients. As an approved service provider, we make sure that we provide choice and control to our clients over their NDIS plan. Our passionate staff will do the best of their abilities to assist our participants to achieve their goals.




Under the NDIS Commission, a worker is anyone who is employed or otherwise engaged to provide NDIS supports and services to people with disability. Workers can be paid or unpaid, and can be people who are self-employed, employees, contractors, consultants, and volunteers. At Support Foundation we engage all type of workers including paid or unpaid,…


Our Core Supports

  • Social and Community Participation
  • House Cleaning and other household activities
  • Medical Appointments
  • House and Yard Maintenance
  • Personal Domestic Activities
  • Medication Appointements
  • Personal Care / Self-care Activities
  • Short Term Accommodation (STA) / Respite
  • Community Nursing Care
  • Medium Term Accommodation (MTA)
  • Group Activities
  • Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Our Capacity Building Supports

  • Support Coordination Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3
  • Community Engagement Assistance
  • Psychosocial Recovery Coaching
  • CB Social Community Participation
  • Plan Management
  • Skill Development and Training
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Community Nursing Care
  • Assist with staff at aged care and disability facilities
  • Assist with consultation and quality management
  • Quick Support
  • Competitive rate
  • Quality staff

Our Accommodation Supports

Under NDIS Guidelines, we provide NDIS participants with several aspects of accommodation support so that the participants can live independently in the community. We provide Supported Independent Living (SIL), Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) and Short-Term Accommodation (STA)/ Respite. Our services are person centred and focused on skill development.

As an NDIS-registered SIL provider, we at Support Foundation are proud to offer assistance to our participants with their daily living tasks in their own or shared accommodation. Our SIL houses have 2-5 bedrooms, and we take care to find the best housemates for our participants. Our main goal is to help our participants maintain their independence by developing their skills to live as independently as possible, and we focus on achieving their NDIS goals. We provide various services such as cleaning, cooking, personal care, medication support, doctor’s appointments, shopping, recreational activities, and more. However, it’s important to note that SIL doesn’t cover rent, board, lodging, day-to-day living expenses, or personal care support when the person is hospitalised. As for pricing, we charge 100 percent of the rental assistance and 50 percent of the DSP for our SIL participation, which can be finalised while signing the services agreement. We believe that our person-centred care plans, choices of support workers, and quality care will enable our participants to lead fulfilling lives in their chosen living arrangements.

Medium Term Accommodation is a type of NDIS support funding that provides temporary accommodation for individuals who are unable to move into their long-term home due to unavailability of disability support. These services can be received for a minimum of one day and up to 90 days, and are strictly limited to covering accommodation only without including care or daily living costs.

We offer an innovative approach to respite care, bringing the service to you at your preferred time and location. Our 24-hour service includes self-care, community access, accommodation, and other amenities. All services are subject to approval during service agreement signup.

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My workers are helpful and supportive. Everything is going well. I can directly speak with the manager anytime I like.
I sometimes annoy my coordinator, but he always has time for me. He is polite and always returns my calls quickly and addresses my concerns.
Very gentle and understanding people They have given me choice and control and given me options on everything I ask them about my plan.
Great service with care and professional skill.
All the services from Support Foundation are good. They are always on time, and they
always do better job, never had any problem with any of the services in the past 1.5 years.
The team members are amazing. My support coordinator’s knowledge of the NDIS system is
blowing my mind. Knowing that he is there for me helps my mental health greatly. He seems
to know a lot about mental health.
Support Foundation has the most friendly and dedicated workers I know of.
I am so glad that I have Support Foundation’s friendly staff, I am no longer alone and now I
have support.

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