Corporate Social Responsibility: Our responsibility towards you.

The term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to practices and policies undertaken by corporations that are intended to have a positive influence on the society and the world. Support Foundation believes that as an organisation supporting most vulnerable people in the society under the guidelines of National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), we can do more to support people with disabilities, their family members/carers and other members of community supporting the most vulnerable. Hence, we have decided to share a portion of our profit to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in several ways:

  1. Supporting the Vulnerable:

Our conviction is primarily focused to support basic human rights of people living with disabilities. These supports will be for the services that are not covered by the scheme. Our team believes that all persons in our society are entitled to their basic human needs, most importantly healthy food, clean accommodation, proper clothing, and medical assistance. Support Foundation is committed on doing everything within its capacity to support the most vulnerable people in society achieve their basic human needs through its CSR commitments.

  • Supporting the Supporters:

We at Support Foundation strongly believe to support the person who are working hard in the background so that people living with disabilities can have quality of life. These people can be family members, carers, support workers, coordinators, case managers, volunteers and many more. We believe that we need to support these real-life heroes so that they can continue to provide quality support to those people in need. Support Foundation looks forward to support them to upskill them, facilitate any training or anything they need that will directly or indirectly make a positive impact on life of people living with disabilities.

  • Supporting the Community:

We at Support Foundation strongly believe that we have moral obligation to support our community and its members. We have supported local clubs and teams in our community to run community functions and spread awareness about NDIS and mental health. We have an ongoing program called “Earn as you learn” for enthusiastic locals who can come and join our organization, work, earn and can get qualified. We have partnered with several community healthcare provider and assisted patients to get into the NDIS scheme for free. We have been working with several educational provider to upskill new graduate interested in working within the healthcare industry.

Contact us if you want to know more about our CSR and benefit from our Corporate Social Responsibility.

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