Changes in the way service providers were getting paid: NOT ALL INVOICES WILL BE PAID WITHIN 2-3 DAYS.

The NDIA is committed to making sure every dollar invested in the NDIS helps participants to make the most of their lives. NDIA are taking more time to check all claims submitted to ensure they are valid and that payments are going to the right support providers and equipment suppliers. Some claims will be reviewed before NDIA process payment.  In some circumstances if the provider is not recorded as a My provider it can take up to 10 days to be paid. Find out more about how NDIA’s new computer system (PACE) and my providers.

As part of NDIA’s compliance monitoring, NDIA may contact service providers to provide information about supports and/or services they have been claiming or paid for. Unsupported claims may need to be repaid to the NDIA or referred to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, which could result in revocation of your registered provider status. Providers concerned they may be in breach of, or at risk of breaching, their responsibilities should contact the NDIA by telephone on 1800 800 110. 

Claims for the service delivered from my providers are generally paid within 2-3 days, however in special circumstances it may take more than 10 days. How service providers get paid totally depends on how the participant manages their NDIS budget.

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