Capacity Building Support

Support Coordination

Level 1: Support Connection: We support our NDIS participant to understand their plan, connect with several NDIS providers, explain them the concept of conflict of interest and assist them to get most out of their NDIS plan. We support our participant in the language they best understand and develop proper understanding of their NDIS plan. We promote choice and control and increase their confidence so that they can manage their plan independently.

Level 2: Coordination of Support: We provide support coordination and psychosocial recovery coaching to our NDIS participants. We help our participant to connect with several services in community, help them understand their NDIS plan, explain them about the services they can or cannot get from their NDIS plan and coach them in sustainable way. We support our participant to build ability to connect them with informal, community and funded supports that enables them to get most out of their plan and achieve their goals. We coordinate to build skills so that the participant can understand, implement, and use their plan.

Level 3: Specialist Support Coordination: We provide higher level of support for participants whose situations are more complex and who need specialist support. We support participants to manage challenges in their support environment and ensure a consistent delivery of services.

Most importantly, we do not restrict our services to the funding allocation in the NDIS plan. We are passionate healthcare professionals who are dedicated to provide quality support to all our participants and bring changes in their lives.

Improved Life Choices (CB Choice & Control) Plan Management

As a plan manager, Support Foundation will support you to manage you NDIS funds. We keep track of your plan and take care of your accounting. We handle day to day transaction and keep track of your fund balance.

We allow you to have choice and control over your plan and provider you use for the services. You have a freedom to use either NDIS registered or non NDIS registered provider if you are with us. You have freedom to negotiate pricing with your providers but must be less than that most recent NDIS price guide. You have control over your plan and can make value for money decisions in line with your plan. You can always view your plan and keep track of your budget.

As a plan manager, we will
  • Pay your providers invoices for the supports you have received as soon as possible
  • Help you keep track of your funds
  • Take care of financial reporting for you
  • Depending on your circumstances, we can also help you choose your providers.

Improved Daily Living (CB Daily Activity) Allied Health Professional

Support Foundation strongly believes that our participant needs extensive support from allied health professionals to make their daily life easier. We support our participant to build their capacity by seeking help from allied health professionals. Our experienced allied health professionals are always ready to help our participants in best possible way.

Our team of Allied Health Professionals are
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Dietician
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Podiatry
  • Speech Pathology
  • Exercise physiology
  • Psychology
  • Counsellor

Following are the minimum hours taken by our Allied Health therapist to complete the following services excluding travel

Functional Assessment – 10 hoursSDA house assessment – 20 hoursOT assessment with sensory focus – 10 hours
OT Home Modification – 20 hoursSIL / SDA combined – 30 hoursPhysiotherapy assessment – 10 hours
Plan review assessment – 10 hoursILO house assessment – 15 hoursPsychologist assessment – 10 hours
SIL house assessment – 15 hoursAT assessment – 10 hours

CB Social Community and Civic Participation

We train and motivate our participant to increase their skills so that they can independently participate in community, social and recreational activities. We help our participants to develop capacity building skills via travel training, orienting them with map reading (google maps) and following instructions to access the community. We also assist our participants to be part of social and civic organisation that promotes our participants independence and wellbeing. We train our participant to access places like library, movie theatres, churches, and local play group’s independently.

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