Conflict Of Interest

Conflict of interest occurs when an individual or a NDIS provider is in a position to exploit their own professional or official capacity for personal or corporate benefit (other than in the usual course of charging fees for services or supports rendered).

We at Support Foundation understand that with any service provided to a NDIS participant, there may arise a conflict of interest. To overcome this, we make sure we provide our clients with all the information and options possible (minimum of three) to overcome this issue. The information can be found on our website, in the service agreement, provided verbally, or accessed via email or text. Click here to get detailed explanations about our conflict-of-interest policy and procedures.

Since we provide different funded support to our clients under one platform, we acknowledge that we have a great responsibility to manage conflict of interest. We make sure that we have documented all services delivered to our clients and keep the information separate between our teams. We demonstrate transparency regarding a participant’s choice and control over their NDIS plan. We do not participate in any commission on funds management. We do not ask our clients any out-of-pocket fee and only charge the current NDIS rate or below. We make sure to disclose conflict of interest to all our participants, carers and representatives.

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