Choice & Control

Under our Capacity Building NDIS Plan, we provide plan management to our NDIS participants. We make sure that clients are given choices of the providers and their all invoices are paid on time. Our payment time ranges between 2 to 14 working days. We offer efficient and reliable plan management that provides quality service.

We make sure we pay our clients for the support they have purchased in a timely manner. We help them keep track of their funds and take care of financial reporting. They can get a monthly report of their expenses on request. It normally should take us 2 hours and there is no extra cost involved in those tasks.

From 1st July 2020, as per change introduced by the NDIS, clients will be charged for non face-to-face capacity building support for plan and financial management (phone consultation or email communication outside regular services mentioned above) or face-to-face meeting. This support will assist participants to build their capacity to undertake all aspects of plan administration and management including engaging providers, developing service agreements, maintaining records, paying providers, and claiming payment from the NDIA. It focuses on building their financial and organisational skills and enhancing their ability to direct their support. We will enhance the participant’s skills for self-management, where this is possible.

Click here to get a detailed role of a plan manager and learn about the changes
made by the NDIS.

Along with the NDIS, we aim to uphold the rights of people with disabilities, including the right to dignity and respect and to live free from abuse, exploitation and violence. We at Support Foundation also ensure that we are empowering people with disabilities to exercise choice and control in the support they receive by giving them access to service provider options while ensuring appropriate protections are in place. By doing so, we are assisting people with disabilities, their families and their carers to build the capacity to make informed decisions about NDIS providers. We also provide them with information on how to respond and manage concerns and complaints.

Apart from the choices offered during our initial meeting, following are some service provider options that our clients can choose from. Click Here

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