Core Support

Daily Activity

Domestic activities & personal hygiene are fundamental in people’s day-to-day lives and having to wait for family and friends to come and help might be frustrating. Whether you need assistance with personal care or daily activity at your home or community, Support Foundation’s compassionate support workers are ready. We understand that being ready for the day, neat and clean when you visit your family and friends in the community can help improve the way you feel. We respect the privacy and dignity of our clients. We understand exactly what participants are going through and we act accordingly. We respect their values, beliefs and cultural diversity and provide services according to their choices.

Some of the ways we support your personal care and daily activity are:

  • Showering, dressing and grooming
  • Toileting and continence support
  • General house cleaning, dusting and vacuuming
  • Meal preparation and feeding
  • General kitchen assistance, washing dishes and cleaning
  • Assistance with medication and maintaining your health
  • Assistance with shopping lists and paying bills
  • Appointments scheduling & transportation
  • Shopping assistance and many more

Social and Community Participation

Social and Community Participation is an amazing opportunity to explore the community and we at Support Foundation do our best to support our NDIS participants. We support our participants to get involved in the community, be social and participate in recreational activities with a range of support to enjoy their hobbies, meet friends, explore new things and have fun. We do our best to connect participants to the community. Our services cover the Sydney Metropolitan Area, Northern Sydney, Western Sydney, South East Sydney & South West Sydney regions.

Our activities offer a broad range, including

  • Photography to swimming,
  • Watching movies to beach walking,
  • Going to the gym to playing the guitar,
  • Going shopping to doctor’s appointments.

We gather information about our participants, their likes and dislikes and plan the activity accordingly. We serve a wide range of participants from

  • Autism spectrum disorder to Down Syndrome,
  • People with intellectual disabilities to people with physical disabilities,
  • Participants above 7 years to participants below 65 years.

We respect participants’ choices and control. We serve clients from different cultural backgrounds, and gender identities from different metropolitan Sydney areas.
We also support participants for any respite holidays and camps (may vary according to plan).


We understand our participant’s daily needs and we do our best to help them access consumables to make their everyday productive. We help them purchase nappies, assistive technologies and wheelchairs. We go through the NDIS goals of each participant and help them purchase any consumables to meet their goals

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