Conflict of Interest and Choice and Control

Managing Conflict of Interest & promoting Choice & Control: A practice implemented regularly at Support Foundation while supporting NDIS participants.

A conflict of interest may occur when someone has real or perceived competing private and professional interests. These interests may make it difficult to fulfil their professional duties without bias or the perception of bias. In some instances, Support Foundation may provide one participant with more than one support where there may arise conflict of interest.

To manage this, the following indicators should be demonstrated by any provider.

• Conflict of interest policies are provided or explained to each participant using the language, mode of communication and terms that the participant is most likely to understand.
• Each participant is supported to understand the distinction between the provision of Support Coordination / specialized support coordination and other reasonable and necessary supports funded under a participant’s plan using the language, mode of communication and terms that the participant is most likely to understand.
• If the provider has an interest in any support option available to the participant, the participant is aware of this interest. The participant understands that any choice they made about providers of other supports will not impact on the provision of the support coordination / specialized support coordination.
• Referrals to and from other providers are documented for each participant.

At Support Foundation, these indicators are discussed with NDIS participants during service agreement signup.

Anyone with access to NDIS funds must follow relevant Australian laws, rules, and regulations. We are here to help NDIS participants use and implement their NDIS funds lawfully as per NDIS guidelines. We want to help participants do the right thing. NDIS Participants have rights and responsibilities when choosing what supports they want to buy with their NDIS funds, among which one of their rights is to choose who delivers them supports and how they do this. NDIS Participants do not have to use just one provider for all their supports.

At Support Foundation, we provide people with disabilities with list of some independent providers they can choose to deliver the NDIS services. Some of them are listed below:

Company DetailsType of services wanting to have provided
1.     Koorana, Allied Health 2 U, OTSA, Bridging Psychology, Life Ability, Pair ability, Concentric Rehabilitation Centre, Kinela, Ability first, disability advocacy NSW, Legal Aid NSWAllied Health Professionals & Advocacy
2.     Ruby Plan Manager, Pair Ability, MMJ, Goal Coach, Sunnyfield, Stride, Innveue consulting, Bright Plan Management, Plan Managers, Support Coordinator
3.     Care Next Door, United For Care, A1 Form Cleaning, Pair Ability, Lyfit, Adaptive Choice, Alliance Care, Marble Care, Meditech Staffing, Advance Care, Hire up, Mable, P2PCORE SUPPORTS: RN, Support Workers, SIL, Cleaners, STA (Respite), MTA

More names of NDIS provider can be found by visiting Provider finder in NDIS website by clicking the following link:

NOTE: More information about this practice can be found at NDIS Participant welcome pack which is provided to all the participants during the service agreement signup or by contacting our office at any time in writing or by calling us.

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