Claiming for Activity Based Transport

Support Foundation will be charging all NDIS participants for the transport as per the NDIS Price guide 2022-23. Support Foundation will be using regular non modified vehicle to support the participant and will be charging up to $0.85 a kilometer. SF will also be using a modified van to support its participant along with their stuff and will be charging up to $2.40 a kilometer. As per the NDIS guidelines, providers of supports in the Assistance with Social, Economic and Community Participation Support Category (“community participation supports”) can, at the request of a participant, transport a participant to, or from, or as part of, a community participation support. In these cases, the provider is entitled, with the agreement of the participant, to bill the participant’s plan for the time that support workers spend providing the transport support (as part of the community participation support). They are also entitled to bill for any non-labour costs associated with transporting the participant (again, as part of the community participation support). If a provider incurs costs, in addition to the cost of a worker’s time, when accompanying and/or transporting participants in the community (such as road tolls, parking fees and the running costs of the vehicle), they may negotiate with the participant for them to make a reasonable contribution towards these costs. The following is a guide as to what these contributions might be: For a vehicle that is not modified for accessibility, up to $0.85 a kilometre.For a vehicle that is modified for accessibility or a bus, up to $2.40 a kilometre. For other forms of transport or associated costs, such as road tolls, parking, and public transport fares, up to the full amount.

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